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Two years ​after opening The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities, we’re opening The Cabinet of Calm—a collection of 50 of the English language’s most obscure words and phrases, each one selected to provide some calmative food for thought in difficult times. 

The words collected here have been chosen not only for their etymological interest, but for what they can tell us, remind us, or represent to us when times are hard. These are words to reassure and soothe, and to provide a little welcome solace, peace of mind, and some much-needed perspective. 

The Cabinet of Calm arrived in bookshops and online in May 2020. Please support your local independent bookstore if you can—if you’re in the UK, you’ll be able to find your using this link here


You can also order a copy below, check out a sample chapter on the Haggard Hawks website here, or click through to the Books page here for more information. 

“The internet provides a huge field for word hunting ...

and Paul Anthony Jones is a maverick among word hunters.”

The Times Literary Supplement

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